We are delighted to bring you our 14th consecutive summer of Camp China! Come explore the language, culture, history, and traditions of both ancient and modern China in a diverse, loving, and creative environment in Rockville, Maryland.  Our program is designed for children ages 5 to 14 and is divided into two 2-week sessions.


Our camp is devoted to immersing your child in Mandarin Chinese and cultural arts through fun and quality activities.  Mornings are devoted to Chinese language with a focus on spoken Mandarin through songs. Afternoons center on physical activities in martial arts and traditional Chinese dance.  Chinese cooking, arts and crafts, games, singing, calligraphy, and Chinese painting are core curricular components.  New elements are always introduced and integrated into our curriculum.


On the second Thursday of each session, families and friends are invited to a performance where campers will demonstrate their newly developed cultural skills.  Chinese costumes are provided free of charge. Be sure to join us to celebrate your child’s accomplishments. Performances start at 3 p.m.


Campers are responsible for their own lunches, snacks, and water bottles daily.  Lunch is available for purchase on Tuesdays (Chinese food) and Thursdays (pizza).   


Camp China is staffed with professional dance teacher, experienced bilingual instructors, counselors, and junior counselors.  Our director has taught Chinese language and culture in the Washington, D.C. area for more than 30 years and specializes in curriculum development.  


We participate in the Montgomery County Public Schools volunteer program where 8th to 12th grade students can earn SSI hours by being volunteer counselors at the camp.  Interested students should email us for information and procedure.


Camp is held during 4 weeks in July every year, and we are always open July 4th. Camp hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. daily. For information on extended care, call 301-801-5869, or email to campchina@shirleypopo.com


12801 Falls Road, Rockville, MD 20854

Between I-270 exit 5 and Wootton Parkway.

Lutheran Church of the Cross (preschool location on the lower level)


A non-refundable registration fee is $55 per family. Camp fees are $575 per session.  Paid lunch costs $5 per person and is collected on the day of the lunch.


To register, download a registration form including medical information and signed parent/ guardian agreement at our website www.camp-china.com or call our office at 301-801-5869. Send your completed form and all fees to: Camp China, 10278 Arizona Circle, Bethesda, MD 20817.  Our spaces are usually filled by mid-April.


For questions on registration and other concerns, call 301-801-5869. Visit our website at www.camp-china.com for more details, updates and our performance videos.  Join us on Facebook for camp photos.  Email us at campchina@shirleypopo.com for all other information.    


At Camp China, do you speak Chinese Mandarin or English? We teach Mandarin, the official language in China and in Taiwan, but we use both Chinese and English for instruction during our cultural arts classes. Our staff is fluent in both languages. Do you accept children who do not speak Chinese? Yes, we do. Many children who come to us have been in an immersion program or have attended our camp, but it is not a pre-requisite. How do you help children discover the joy of learning Chinese? We broadly introduce Chinese culture through children’s favorite activities, such as singing, games, arts and crafts, dance, martial arts, calligraphy, Chinese painting, cooking and sewing. Our programs are designed to promote learning in a fun-filled environment. By cultivating an interest in Chinese language and culture, we especially hope to help families with children adopted from China as well as American born children to build a strong U.S.-China friendship. On Chinese writing, do you use traditional or simplified Chinese characters? We use both writing forms. For beginners, the focus is on the stroke order of basic Chinese characters. Children can recognize many Chinese ideographs at a young age. The intermediate group study radicals, formation of Chinese characters and sentence structure. The upper group learn to read both traditional and simplified forms, but use simplified form in writing. How many campers do you accept and how are they grouped? Our ideal number of campers is thirty-six per session. Campers are grouped according to their Chinese speaking ability in the language classes. For cultural arts classes, it is by age and height in order to fit into the costumes. In addition, it is necessary that no one repeats the same dance. Is the curriculum the same for the two sessions? Can students register for both sessions? We follow the same daily schedule, but the language lessons and dance selections differ for each session. We welcome you to register for both sessions. Why does the camp stay open on July 4th? To better prepare campers for the performances that occur in the second week, we need every practice opportunity. Staying open on July 4th provides us more time to get ready. This practice has been ongoing for ten years. While attendance is not mandatory, most campers choose to come on July 4th.
Do you have extended care? We provide up to two hours of child care following each day’s end of camp. Parents are to provide snack and water bottle for your child. Select “extended care” on the registration form and prepare a separate check to cover the fees. In case the parent is not able to pick up the child on time, please call 301-801-5869 to notify the staff on duty.
Do parents pay extra for the costumes? Despite the need for mending, alteration, cleaning and general upkeep of the costumes, we continue to maintain our “No Charge for Costumes” policy. However, assistance from parents is always welcome. Please contact us if you can help. When do you update your web site? We update our website regularly. New information is distributed via e-mail and posted on our website by January 1st each year. What is the background of your instructors? Our teachers are well-educated and experienced in their respective fields. All of them have bachelors or masters degrees. Our faculty has taught in preschools, primary to secondary schools, and universities. Besides instructors, who are the counselors? We are pre-approved by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Volunteer Center to offer student SSL (Student Service Learning) hours. SSL is a Maryland state graduation requirement. We receive applicants through the Center. Any 14 year olds who have completed 8th grade with Chinese language background are qualified to apply. Junior high students can be CITs (counselor-in-training). We are fortunate to have many campers returning each year, and most of our counselors have attended previous camp. They form close and loving relationships.

Session Two

旗舞 Double Flag Dance

扇子舞 Fan Dance

廟會 Temple Fair

生日快快樂 Sheng Ri Kuai Kuai Le (Happy Birthday)

包餃子 Bao Jiao Zi (Make Dumplings)

大象 Da Xiang (Elephant)

Session one

彩帶舞 Double Ribbon Dance

筷子舞 Chopsticks Dance

小花傘 Umbrella Dance

中國功夫 Chinese Kung Fu

星期五 Friday

四季謠 Four Seasons Song

2019 Dates 

Session 1:
 July 1 - July 12
Session 2: 
July 15- July 26
Performance dates: July 11 & July 25
 at 3 pm

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